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Management Consultancy

To capitalize on Industry 4.0 & the endemic situation, Apstellar seeks to offer our clients with consulting solutions and networks in rapid business model changes, digital transformation, market access in new marketspace and access to global talents. 

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Business Analysis

During our engagements with our clients, we often seek to develop a deep understanding of our client’s organizational situation as an imperative priority. It is often through this diagnostic phase, we can systematically assess our client's organizational  strengths and weaknesses. Our findings & recommendations are then mapped with the Enterprise Singapore's Business Excellence Framework. This approach offers an strategic insight to our clients, on how they can improve business performance through our assessments.

Our Business Analysis service includes the following:

  • Deep understanding of corporate strategy, company culture, operational processes, work deficiencies, talent tree and many more.  

  • Development of corporate planning & analysis tools such as Business Excellence Assessment Tool, Balance scorecard, SWOT analysis, business canvas.

  • Assist in implementing & execution of business action goals.

  • Deploy our consultants to be involved in short term to mid term business plans.

  • Analyze and collect relevant data during project for business improvements.

Human Resource Consultancy

Like it or not, it is always your employees who make a key difference in your business. It is essential for organizations to develop strategic HR policies to attract, drive and develop talents. Developing strategic HR policies is also important from a budgetary point of view such as recruitment and training into the organization's operating budget. Enterprise Singapore has identified Human Resource as a key foundation to strengthen organizational capabilities.

Our Human Resource service includes the following:

  • Crafting of HR policies to suit business plan, corporate culture and organizational needs.

  • Provide overseas HR outsourced services to improve business efficiency.

  • Analyze and collect relevant manpower data for business improvements.

  • Assist and support client's HR team when necessary.

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG Grant) has increased the enhanced maximum support level of up to 80%. The enhanced support will be extended to 31 March 2022.

From 1 January 2017, Small Medium Enterprise SMEs in Singapore looking to apply for EDG applications (to support consultancy-related costs under their capability upgrading projects) will have to engage management consultants who possess Enterprise Singapore-recognized certification. The SCMC is one of the two accreditation program under the Enterprise Singapore recognized certification.

Apstellar has been supporting Singapore SMEs in capability development since 2015, and is certified under the SCMC program.

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