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Artificial Intelligent AI Chatbot in Singapore

Our chat bot communicates with your customers & prospects in a most natural and engaging manner. 

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What is AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can provide a humanized conversation with a human user through digital software such as Facebook, mobile phone applications, websites, chat applications & many more.

Natural Language Programming NLP - the ability to understand Human Intent

Our partners has developed their own AI and NLP algorithms. By having a customized AI & NLP algorithms, our NLP technology is efficient, scalable and is able to localize in Singapore context. Our Chatbot can understand & recognize Singlish easily, and our AI Chatbot can learn new Singlish as it communicates with more and more human users. 

Application Programming Interfaces API Integrations

API integration is the connection between systems which allows exchanging of data sources. To maximize the ability of our AI Chatbot in Singapore, our AI Chatbot system is able to connect with other systems through API integrations. Examples of popular systems we have integrated are Whatsapp, SMS, Instagram, Teams, Slack, Facebook messenger, VOIP/telephony, Google Sheets, Google Words & many more.  

Enterprise Grade Data Storage & Data Analysis

The SQL server platforms we uses for our AI Chatbot are ISO certified, encrypted and offers the highest security standards. Conversation data typically comprises of the actual conversation between AI Chatbot and human user, Time & Date stamp, number of calls made, script information etc. The data can then be plotted into data visualizer graphs and charts to better analyze the customer experience for improvements in data modeling, AI chat bot responses.

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