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Singapore registered companies looking to explore overseas business expansion can now tapped on enhanced support schemes to defray related costs.

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What is the MRA Grant?

The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant is a Singapore government grant which support Singapore Registered Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand overseas and develop regional presence. An eligible Singapore registered company may receive funding support up to 80%, with a limit of S$100,000 per new market. 

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MRA Grant Consultancy

We have helped our clients expand their overseas business successfully in the area of Thailand, China, Vietnam & Malaysia. 

Our Areas of MRA Grant Consultancy includes:
1) Advisory on business strategy & entity setup type
2) Setting up business, name check & filing documentations to overseas authorities 
3) Drafting of Legal Agreements (Thailand)
4) Overseas Recruitment (Thailand)
5) Business Matching (Thailand)
6) BD Process Outsourcing (Thailand)

Here are some examples of our clients' success stories of how we helped them with their overseas expansion plans

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