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What is AI Voice Bot?

AI Voice Bot is a Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which enables an meaningful and humanized communication between software system and humans. When an AI Voice Bot system is built to perfection, the AI Voice Bot system could deliver a indistinguishable experience from could have been delivered by a human operator. 

In recent years, Conversational AI technology has already been adopted by the Singapore government, major organizations and consumers alike. For example, the Singapore Civil Defence Force, together with four other government agencies are in the midst of developing their own AI Voice Bot. Other notable examples are Siri Google Assistant. The AI Voice Bots can effectively automate customer engagement and move the SG nation towards Digital Transformation.

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AI Voice Bot Technology can be utilized in Outgoing or Incoming Conversations.

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Automated Outgoing Calls - Increase Leads & Revenue

In Singapore, it is costly and challenging to hire or engage a good telemarketer. Even for the most experienced telemarketer, there are still human factors which may affect productivity such as falling sick, punctuality, going on leaves & emotions.

Our automated AI Voice Bot system is able to generate up to 900 calls repetitive calls. By relieving your team of low level sales activities such as cold-calling, your employees can spend their time on higher level job tasks and improve business revenue.  

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Automated Incoming Calls - Reduce Manpower & Job Redesign

The AI Voice Bot can be used as a frontline customer service officer or inside sales executive. It receives incoming calls and resolves enquiries automatically. the AI Voice Bot is also able to transfers the conversation to the human employees when necessary.

Manpower cost can be reduced drastically, along with time spent to manage and train new employees to speed. Job redesign can then be implemented to update support business transformation, upscaling your employees and providing them a career progression pathway. 

Features of our Artificial Intelligent AI Voice Bot Solution in Singapore

Lower Operating Cost

Generates huge savings in operational cost compared to traditional human marketers.

Cost Efficiency

Tireless calling and answering 24/7. Our AI Voice Bot can do much more, and produce better results. 

Machine Learning

Learn from at every interactions, through natural language processing (NLP) & refinements from our consultants.


Well planned design of the AI Voice bot and its content will enable a positive tone to prospects.

Increased Quality Leads

Perfect combination of humanized & localized voice, plus a well designed script to capture the attention of prospects. 


Our AI Voice Bot are multilingual, which improves engaging prospects in their preferred language.

Localized Voice Talent for our AI Voice Bot in Singapore

In Apstellar, we tailored our AI voice bot with localized voice talents based in Singapore.  The objective is to create a personalized AI voice bot which is aligned to our client’s brand identity.

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