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Apstellar & DDES - Corporate Partnership in setting up Foreign Business in Thailand

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce a corporate alliance with DDES Accounting. DDES specializes in providing business advisory and chartered accountancy services with legal counsel advise in Thailand.

Apstellar DDES setup business in thailand

DDES is a leading accounting and legal firm in Thailand. DDES operates through a team of expert tax accountants and legal consultants who are experienced in all aspects of servicing business interests in Thailand. The company has also established strong connections in government, the judiciary, tax regulators and business developers – all to ensure that each client receives the customized tax services when they setup their business in Thailand.

DDES’s motto is “Making Thailand Work for You” and the overall corporate commitment is to take care of all the business setup, taxation regulation and accounting services so that every client can focus on their business expansion in Thailand. One of DDES’s key advantages is the use of advanced XERO software, one of Europe’s most popular online accounting solutions, which makes every client transaction available for viewing online, in real time.

Some examples of the service DDES provides in Thailand:

  • Accounting function such as book keeping, taxes advisory, financial statement

  • Statutory Audit

  • Payroll Service

  • Bank opening

Apstellar offers the following consultancy services for Foreign Companies in Thailand:

  • Business Matching

  • Business Registration

  • Business Networking

  • Corporate Legal Consultancy

  • Recruitment & Executive Search

  • Purchase of Thai Properties

With a strategic alliance in place between Apstellar and DDES, we adopt a "Think global, Act local" approach when we support our clients in setting up business in Thailand.

Apstellar will first establish a structured business expansion plan with Singapore Companies or SMEs. The business plan will comprise on strategic components such as

1. Business Analysis

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

Company's Unique Selling Points and Differentiating Factors.

Business Goals - Targeted Clientele & Market

How does the expansion plan achieve your business goals.

2. Outline Product and Service Description

Review current and new products and services in details.

Pricing Strategy

Product Costs

Logistic & Storage Fees

Potential Taxes

3. Market Analysis

Outline current market position and gather research for new markets. Include details such as facts about industry, the size of current and new markets, and technology associated with business expansion.

4. Branding & Marketing Strategy

Do you adopt a similar branding & marketing strategy in the new market space? What are examples of foreign business succeeding in Thailand, and how can we replicate their success? Detail advertising, technology, new product innovations, customer experience and touchpoint strategies, collaborations, and ideas for marketing success.

5. Organization and Manpower Planning

Is your current company structure able to function well with a new regional team in Thailand?

Do you need to adopt new technology to manage teams in Singapore and Thailand?

Review hiring strategies. Do you hire and manage staff, or work with strategic partners like Apstellar and DDES in business process outsourcing?

6. Financial Budgeting

Short term & long term budgeting plans

Cash flow projection

Estimated balance sheet of expenditures

Cost analysis

Hidden costs in Thailand when setting up and running a business

7. Singapore Government Funding for Overseas Expansion

Enterprise Singapore is a government agency that supports business expansion plans of Singapore companies. The MRA Grant supports Singapore Companies with a funding up to S$100,000 per company per new market.

After the above business expansion plan is formulated, Apstellar will then share the findings with DDES. With DDES expertise on business setup regulations in Thailand, we can create a successful "Think global, Act local" business preposition for our clients.

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